How To Attract The Perfect Buyer

As the seller, there are things you can do to encourage potential buyers to take interest in your home. Buyers need to feel inspired by the houses they are viewing, and be able to feel that they could make your house their home. How your house is presented will make a big difference to buyers being able to imagine themselves living in your property, so take the time to be a proactive seller by following our advice.

To achieve the best potential sale price, it’s best to present your home as unblemished as possible. Calculate the maximum potential value of your property, and work out your budget for making improvements.  N.B. It is senseless to spend £20,000 on property improvements just to add £10,000 on the sale price. Within your budget, top areas to focus on prior to sale are:

Prior to Valuation: Present Your Home Unblemished


  • Finish simple DIY jobs, e.g. touch-up chipped woodwork and replace washers on dripping taps
  • Painting – whether some of your rooms need repainting to look refreshed, or whether your front door could do with a new coat, both are likely to put a buyer at ease
  • Feeding the lawn, mowing it afresh, and tidying pathways and fencing provide a great reception to your home
  • Discard old shower curtains and replace with new. Consider buying new matching light-pulls, bin, and toilet brush holder for a cohesive feel
  • Buyers are concerned with water drainage – check and maintain your roof and guttering prior to viewings. Replace roof tiles and clear guttering if required
  • Restoring fireplaces and period features can add thousands of pounds to your property.
  • Note: Avoid ‘quick fixes’ which a surveyor will spot immediately. Ongoing maintenance and a job well done is much more impressive, so only spend time and money on making your home unblemished if you are able to do it properly

Before Viewings: Make It Theirs

  • Try to remove some of the more personal aspects of your home’s décor, to enable buyers to imagine themselves making it theirs more easily.
  • Painting – even for walls in good condition, consider replacing bright or bold shades with pale, plain shades, to maximise the feeling of light and space and appear as a blank canvas to buyers
  • De-personalise and de-clutter.  Remove items such as children's drawings or multiple family photos – so that the buyer can more easily envisage their own belongings in the space
  • Present each room with a purpose – allowing buyers to see the full potential of the property


During Viewings: Presentation is Key

  • Avoid strong food odours - don't cook food such as fish or curry before a viewing as the smell will linger. The smell of freshly-baked bread or fresh coffee is said to provide a welcoming feel to a home.
  • Buying fresh flowers, plant pots, and displaying a fruit bowl can give a fresh feel
  • Ask friends or family to look after any pets during viewings 

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