In selling a home, what we do is relatively straightforward.

How we do it, however, is not.

Any agent can suggest the highest price, and lowest fee. What we do is much more than that. It’s the culmination of a carefully considered, informed and honed process that we’ve developed using the 100+ years of combined experience we have in selling homes locally.

We have two clear objectives – the first is to achieve the best outcome for you (best possible price to a quality buyer, in the least time). Our second objective is to use our experience and knowledge to navigate the sale safely through to completion – with as little fuss as possible. In reality there can sometimes be bumps in the road along the way, it’s our job to ensure you don’t feel any of them.

When we first visit your property we’ll discuss the best approach to take that fits with your circumstances and ideal outcomes. This will be built around a core service that includes:

Photography + Videography

First impressions really do count.

Quality photography and video are possibly *the* of the most important factors in marketing your home, and we ensure that every property looks its absolute best. Our carefully composed images capture the character of your home, enhancing key features to attract your buyer’s interest.These images feature in everything we do, from our stunning brochures to our social media posts, adverts and online property portals/website.

Our professionally trained team will provide a portfolio of detailed shots to showcase your home, focusing on the unique aspects of the property, to tell a story to potential buyers.

With many properties, we realise that the best angles are actually from above. Where this is the case, we will use our incredible drone footage to reach new heights and market your home from a different perspective (no extra charge).

Marketing – Digital and Traditional

 At Lovett we understand the importance of digital marketing in today’s landscape, and how the latest technology can be hugely beneficial to the marketing of your property – in addition to the traditional mediums (which we also provide). Facebook, for example, is quickly becoming an alternative property guide for many.

Aside from the industry standard listings on property portals including Rightmove, OnTheMarket and our own website, we’ve embraced the latest in digital marketing technology to maximise the exposure of your property listing, via social media channels. This includes, as standard:

-          Hyper-targeted advertising of your property via bespoke Facebook and Instagram posts. We are able to narrow the ‘advert reach’ audience down to those most likely to be interested in your property, whether it be by occupation, income, location, or general interests!

-          Pinpointing both active and passive buyers, using their digital fingerprints (feel free to ask us to explain in layman terms!)

-          Digital sales marketing funnels that we can adapt to target and re-target those potential buyers with a genuine interest in the key features of your property

-          Targeted direct-mail campaigns to our current and historic database of buyers

-          ‘Property matching’ service via our database, which automatically matches any applicants we have (past or present), with properties available

This targeted approach offers more potential buyers reached, more online views, more enquiries, and ultimately more viewings!

In addition to the tech, and the more traditional basic hard-graft of communicating with your applicant lists, we also offer unique and bespoke marketing in local and regional press / magazines, as required.

Finally, our prominent offices on the Market Square in St.Neots provides us with excellent footfall throughout the week, giving us the opportunity to liaise with those potential buyers that prefer face-to-face communication.

Detailed Floorplans

Floor plans are essential for buyers to understand your property, and are often the first thing they will look at, before delving into the pretty pictures!

Our floorplans show all room layouts and sizes to give buyers an accurate picture of your property; from grand mansions to quaint cottages, large living spaces to en-suite bathrooms, they show the potential of all rooms, large and small.

Incentivised to get the best price

We want to get the best price for your property. That is why we generally like to work to a percentage of the sale price, not a fixed fee. If you are working to a fixed fee, there is less motivation to work harder to get the best price. Our fee structure means we are incentivised to negotiate the best deal for you.

Our selling fees are typically 1% (plus VAT). If however, there is a fee structure that works better for your particular property then we are happy to discuss a bespoke solution.

Decades of Knowledge and Experience

We've been selling property successfully for over 30 years and have the knowledge and experience to ensure we are able to find the right buyer for you, achieving the best price for your property. 

All our negotiators are fully trained and have the legal skills and expertise to negotiate your sale through to completion, giving advice on all your legal obligations.

Unfortunately, Estate Agents don’t always have the best reputation and sadly we often see cases where that reputation is justified. Many agents are guilty of (amongst other things) over-pricing/then quickly reducing, make you undertake viewings, and mishandle the sales progression once an offer has been accepted.

At Lovett’s we are genuinely different in our approach. Our Sales Teams work to customer service KPI’s (not scrutinised commission targets) and understand that selling someone’s home has to be handled with the utmost care and attention. 

We place a big emphasis on recruiting our staff locally. This reflects positively in our valuations – these are based on a wealth of local knowledge, using many factors from current economic climate, to scheduled developments and future infrastructure plans. So not only are our valuations more accurate, we also ensure we inform potential buyers all of the unseen benefits of your property and its location.


"Fabulous company, great team! Always so helpful, I would not hesitate to recommend."
Steph M