2. I’ve applied for planning consent

Great news! You’ve come some way already, and hopefully are already working with a suitable architect/planning consultant.
But what to do whilst nervously awaiting the outcome? If you choose to develop the site yourself, we can provide our development consultancy advice to ensure you’re ready for when your application is approved. This includes pricing, market research, and all the other intricacies that will help maximise the profits from your plot. You may just wish to sell the land with planning permission granted – it will certainly push the value up! We can give you recommendations for trusted, reliable house builders that have an appetite for sites like yours.

3. My planning application has been refused?

First things first – don’t worry! All is not lost. Many planning applications are refused first-time around, and for a huge variety of reasons. These will most likely be highlighted in your refusal letter. Give us a call and we can go through your application and establish why yours wasn’t given the green light. We can then sit down and assess a new strategy – it might be worth appealing, or re-appraising and changing the application slightly. In summary – don’t give up just yet! Let us have a look at your application and refusal, and we can go from there.

4. My planning application has been granted!

Firstly, congratulations! You now have a hugely valuable asset, that is in short supply in the UK. You might now be wondering whether to build the development yourself, or sell on to a housebuilder? Let’s talk – we can give you the pro’s and con’s of both options. One thing is clear though – it is a great quandry to be in! There will be a line of house builders with their eyes on your planning permission, but you are in the driving seat – so lets make the most of it!

5. My site is being built/ready to market

With a team dedicated solely to Land and New Homes, we can absolutely give your development the attention it deserves. We’ve been selling new homes locally for 40+years now – we just love it. When selling with us you’ll benefit from a huge amount of attention to detail in order to create a tailor-made marketing campaign that does your development justice, showing it in the best possible light. As well as top-notch photography, we can also create marketing videos, CGI walkthroughs, modelling, combined with hyper-targeted digital marketing that tracks your ideal buyers online fingerprint (we’ve got the social media side sorted, don’t you worry). We even have a drone that can be used to capture amazing photo/video from above.


As part of the Land & New Homes Network, we can achieve unrivalled exposure for your development within an extensive catchment area, as well as throughout our UK network of non-competing estate agents.

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